Thursday, October 30, 2014

A terrific strength & conditioning workout for endurance athletes

Here's a great workout that I often prescribe for endurance runners and long course triathletes to improve overall strength and conditioning.   It's a ~ 45min session, and addresses total body conditioning.  I created this years ago and have refined it over the years, talking to fellow coaches and specialists in strength conditioning, yoga, pilates and plyometrics.  

The guiding philosophies are:
* high reps @ low weights
* equal and opposite muscle groups
* big to small muscle sequence
* heaps and heaps and heaps of routines done in an "instable work surface" like planks on a ball, bicep curls while standing on a bosu, etc
*  perhaps ~ 40% of the workout is pure core work!  that's how critically important I see core conditioning as the foundation to a successful long course athlete.

You can download the doc below.   Hope this is helpful :  )

USAT Level I Coach
USATF Level I Coach