Friday, January 29, 2016

Own the hills!

Here's a good workout I recommend for many of you who are doing/planning to do hill repeats each week this winter and spring...  I call them "hill-and-a-halfers".  I first began running these with Chuck, Jamie and others each week on the Sawmill hill in 2002-2007.  I found these to be terrific, high-intensity additions to weekly periodized training and a veritable kick in the pants.  We have a big crowd of folks capable of handling  these.  The below workout is a perfect choice to fulfill the (1) high intensity workout on their weekly plan.

To do these workouts, find a nearby hill that's uniform grade, moderately steep, and 500-600m in length.  Sawmill is a nice choice as it's ~ 500m.  Forum drive is also OK however I reckon it's only 400m (however it's a good place to start these)

The workout "hill-and-a-halfers":
* Warmup:  1mi easy run
* Mainset:  
    - you sprint to the top of the hill, then jog down 1/3 of the way.... then IMMEDIATELY turn and SPRINT back up to the top.  That's the "halfer" part.
    - then, you jog back down to the bottom.  It's an "active recovery" window, as you jog to the bottom.  Don't walk these!  Your jog down to the bottom is each recovery interval!
    - As soon as you reach the bottom, you swiftly turn and sprint up for the next one.   No lag, no waiting, no hesitation.   Just hammer each one.  
    - How  many should you do?  
        * less experienced runners:  do 4 repeats.  You'll run these as fast as you consistently can, target < 8-10sec variance.
        * more experienced runners:  do 6-7 repeats.  Target < 5-8sec variance 
* Cooldown:  1mi easy run

Consider what your heart rate data would look like...
* warmup.... a nice flat line between 65-70% of MHR, about 10-11min duration
* mainset... 5 bell-shaped lines that have 2 peaks (one big peak that's 85-90%+ MHR, and a smaller peak that's still 78-84% MHR)... about 17-20min duration
* cooldown... a nice flat line that's 70-75% of MHR... about 10min duration

Bon apetit!

Happy running!

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